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    We Tried Maggi's New "Spicy" Flavours And Didn't Reach For Water Even Once

    This was a bigger lie than 2 minutes.

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    Fact: Maggi is life. And life has four new flavours that are all (allegedly) super spicy.

    Maggi India

    Like any superfan (aka anyone who has tasted Maggi), we made a beeline to the store to get our hands on the new flavours.

    BuzzFeed India
    BuzzFeed India

    Such was our confidence in Maggi, that we bought full boxes of each of the four flavours. And in increasing order of spiciness, they are:

    • Peri Peri

    • Barbeque Pepper

    • Chilli Chicken

    • Green Chilli

    First things first, we got the regular Masala Maggi as ~control~ and also as another excuse to eat more Maggi.

    BuzzFeed India

    Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Shayan's thoughts: *sighs and smiles into the distance*

    Next up is the mildest Hot Heads flavour, Peri Peri.

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    Note: We like our Maggi dry. Watery Maggi results may vary but also who likes watery Maggi?

    The whole range is supposed to be hot AF but this is the lowest level of spice. So it was "meh" AF.

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    Shayan's thoughts: It's spicy but it's not like BOOM spicy. It tastes like Maggi but with red chillies.

    Spiciness scale: 💦

    Next we tried the Barbeque Pepper noodles.

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    Although it wasn't too spicy, this Maggi was the richest in flavour.

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    Shayan's thought: It smells smoky. It's definitely much spicier and a lot tastier than the other one. It's got a yummy onion-y flavour. *has 4 more bites to be sure* It's very Virat Kohli. It's not Sachin (Masala Maggi) but Virat is great too.

    Spiciness scale: 💦💦💦

    Next, the flavour we've waited for all our lives, Chilli Chicken.

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    FINALLY an official chicken flavoured Maggi.. (We may have expected too much).

    BuzzFeed India

    Shayan's thoughts: ♫IT'S BEEN SO LOOONG♫ that we had chicken in Maggi. It smells ferocious but there's literally no spice. It's tastes a lot like chicken. It's supposed to be very hot, but it's very chill-y chicken.

    Spiciness scale: Nothing. Zero. Nada. I'm really confused.

    Last we tried the spiciest Hot Heads, aka Green Chilli noodles.

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    And we realised that it was pretty garbage.

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    Shayan's thoughts: This smells pretty scary. It's supposed to be super hot and you can see the green chillies but it didn't slap me in the face with spiciness. It is spicy but just like green chillies were mixed into plain Maggi, there's no other flavour. It's tough to swallow.

    Writer's note: That's what she said.

    Spiciness Scale: 💦💦💦💦

    The spice doesn't shout, "SPICE!" but says, "Hey. It's me, spice."

    According to our very complex and reliable way to test spicy food (Shayan's mouth) we rated the new Maggi Hot Heads according to how much of the bowl was leftover.

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    Regular Masala Maggi won hands down because duh.

    The Barbeque Pepper, which was the Virat to Masala Maggi's Sachin, came a close second.

    The Chilli Chicken and Peri Peri were all right but nothing to write home about.

    The Green Chilli is AWFUL unless you really like plain watery noodles mixed with finely chopped green chillies.

    Hey Maggi! We can take more spice than this. You should know that by now. More importantly, you've disappointed my friend Shayan. Way to fuckin' go.

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