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    This Art Made Out Of Food Looks Good Enough To Eat

    *accidentally devours a masterpiece*

    Meet Yaseen, an experimental artist and illustrator, based in England. He makes art out of food.

    "I was around seven years old. We used coffee and tea as a dye to stain paper, giving it an aged look. This encouraged me to look for other household items in the kitchen cupboard such as turmeric and the experimenting began," he told BuzzFeed.

    He did, however, flunk his art class in high school.

    Ten years later he found himself having to draw a tooth as part of an assignment on tooth morphology during his dentistry years. "I was reminded of how much I missed drawing," says Yaseen.

    He received top marks and decided to go back to his hobby and thank god for that because look at his Marlon Brando made out of pizza sauce.

    Yaseen uses coffee, milk, chocolate, jam, vegemite, sugar and much more to create his masterpieces.

    "Envisage not only awakening your visual senses but other senses such as smell, touch, and taste! Imagine the places that could take someone! This is the reason I love using food above other mediums," he told us.

    To drool in awe, follow Yaseen on Instagram and his website.