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16 Pictures That Prove Every Man Is Way, Way Hotter In Indian Clothes

Salwar or bekaar.

1. This dude who can't stop staring at how fine he looks and, to be fair, neither can we.

2. This man who deserves to have to have his own sculpture made.

3. This sexy beast who'd better never put on a shirt because that's how god intended man to be.

4. This velvet-covered dreamboat who defines sherwani swag.

5. This humanitarian whose sensitive, conscientious soul comes gift-wrapped in a droolworthy package.

6. This delicious catch of the day.

7. This guy whose perfect smolder somehow holds its own against the rest of him.

8. This guy who will fulfil all your whims.

9. This shy dude who probably has an irresistible good-boy-bad-boy routine.

10. This sexy yogi who is proooobably super flexible and strong and stuff. Just sayin'.

11. This good, sanskari boy who's literally red hot.

12. This pensively sexy demigod who can look into your soul through a computer screen.

13. This dude who wants you to (nama)stay in bed forever.

14. These two dudes that basically reflect your only two moods.

15. *drools uncontrollably*

16. And this colourful bunch, who are all vying for your attention – a truly impossible choice.