16 Pictures Of Super Neat Mehendi That Will Finally Leave You Satisfied

    Oddly satisfying, henna?

    There's something weirdly satisfying about watching mehendi being applied.

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    And watching it take it's final form is literally perfect.

    1. Like this neat handiwork.

    2. These free-hand straight lines.

    3. This hand heart.

    4. This perfectly opposite design.

    5. These lotus feet that are going to be gorgeous when the henna peels off.

    6. This flawless lace.

    7. These fine, fine lines.

    8. This BFF mehendi.

    9. These beautiful squiggles.

    10. This precise "cone"manship.

    11. These perfectly symmetrical hands.

    12. These beautifully thick lines.

    13. This simple but mind-blowing design.

    14. This W.I.P. peacock.

    15. This fine expertise.

    16. And this spectacular bridal mehendi.