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    16 Pictures Of Super Neat Mehendi That Will Finally Leave You Satisfied

    Oddly satisfying, henna?

    There's something weirdly satisfying about watching mehendi being applied.

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    And watching it take it's final form is literally perfect.

    1. Like this neat handiwork.

    @zoipetrosyan / Via

    2. These free-hand straight lines.

    @catherinelentdesign / Via

    3. This hand heart.

    @hennabydivya / Via

    4. This perfectly opposite design.

    @ezrielamenkel / Via

    5. These lotus feet that are going to be gorgeous when the henna peels off.

    @bluelotushennaportland / Via

    6. This flawless lace.

    @ndiv9 / Via

    7. These fine, fine lines.

    @apopofhenna / Via

    8. This BFF mehendi.

    @rovinghorsehenna / Via

    9. These beautiful squiggles.

    @sheffield_mehndiartist / Via

    10. This precise "cone"manship.

    @apopofhenna / Via

    11. These perfectly symmetrical hands.

    @zubhahenna / Via

    12. These beautifully thick lines.

    @bohocoastalhenna / Via

    13. This simple but mind-blowing design.

    @mehndibeyond / Via

    14. This W.I.P. peacock.

    @newdelhistudio / Via

    15. This fine expertise.

    @ipshita14 / Via

    16. And this spectacular bridal mehendi.

    @WedMeGood/@happyframesphotography / Via