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18 Pictures To Send To Any Indian Who Needs A Good Laugh

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1. This scarily amazing pun.

trollgndu / Via

2. This poor patient.

desifunnymemes / Via

3. This dadi schooling Voldemort.

3singhs_flop_comedy / Via

4. This playa.

Desifunnymemes / Via

5. This McSquad.

butterchickenlover / Via

6. This incredible wordplay.

butterchickenlover / Via

7. This abusive gai.

Thedesiposts / Via

8. This Sikh dude.

9. This fake-it-till-you-make-it jacuzzi.

Desifunnymemes / Via

10. This very real problem.

Desiproblems / Via

11. This piece of art.

_pakistanimemes / Via

12. This important skill we learned in our bachpan.

Singhvirus / Via

13. This perfect solution to the Starbucks name problem.

14. This unfortunate name.

Browntown25 / Via

15. This gross meme.

16. This photo thats sums up your life.

Imaan Sheikh/BuzzFeed India / Via

17. This dosa seller whose advertising game is strong.

18. And this perfect use of the "Share A Coke" campaign.