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29 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up India In 2015

Two thousand fift-meme. (Sorry)

1. When long distance relationships were established.

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2. And so were some rivalries.

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3. When this image was memed for longer than Kerjriwal's first stint in office.

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4. When this meme made us feel bad for Joffrey.

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5. When a smarty got this realisation.

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6. Let's take a moment of silence for when Maggi left us for a few days.

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7. And breathe a sigh of relief because it's back.

8. When Ranveer woke up one day and decided he wanted to be a meme.

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9. When Pluto finally replied.

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10. When the minion craze seeped into the Indian internet.

11. When Yoga day blessed us with thousands of hilarious tweets.

12. When the Sonam Kapoor Cannes dress memes were sooo good, even she had to share them.

13. When contouring had some of us like.

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14. When Mumbai could't even take the first week of rain without breaking down.

15. When Modi floored London.

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16. Like seriously.

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17. When Obama learned things the hard way.

18. When Facebook started this nonsense.

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19. When we were casually accosted by "Hotline Bling" memes.

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20. For realz. Drake made a fine "desi girl".

21. When everyone came straight outta somewhere.

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22. And we had to watch every. damn. person. whip and nae nae.

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23. When the internet just could not get enough of Kajol and SRK.

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24. When the Press Information Bureau made a photoshop boo boo and then there was no stopping the internet.

25. When some people taught us a lesson in branding.

26. When Deepika and Vin Diesel inspired this silly trend.

Akshay Kumar

27. When Parineeti's motivational posters got in the wrong hands.

28. When many jokes were made before the Salman verdict.

29. And many, many, many more after.

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