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    4 Apr 2016

    21 Pictures That Will Make Every Indian Girl Say "Literally Me"

    It's a hard knock life.

    1. On showing your best side:

    2. On "the hover":

    3. On pressure:

    4. On unreasonable expectations:

    5. On giving in:

    6. On scar-faces:

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    7. On precision:

    8. On keeping kajal flawless:

    9. On being saree:

    10. On escapism:

    11. On deforestation:

    BuzzFeed India

    12. On aunty vision:

    13. On being hot:

    14. On drama:

    Team Lad Bible / Via

    15. On decisions:

    Eros International / Via Twitter: @Louisbunshun

    16. On double standards:

    17. On past mistakes:

    18. On *cricket chirping sounds*:

    19. On shopping:

    20. On mild overreactions:

    21. And on friendships:

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