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Thousands Of People Can't Get Enough Of This Woman's Hilarious Makeup Snapchats

Prepare to laugh your ass off.

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Meet Mallika Dua, a former copywriter and full-time internet star.

Mallika Dua

She first broke out on the internet with her hilarious Dubsmashes, some featuring her T.V. news anchor dad, Vinod Dua.

Instagram: @mallikadua

She's even starred in her own viral video.

And when Snapchat introduced video filters, the ensuing hilarity became a thousandfold. Especially the series featuring a makeup artist and the most problematic client ever.

Instagram: @mallikadua

They're always in conflict. Like when the client wanted a "beachy look" and ended up with this.

Instagram: @mallikadua

When she wanted an "androgynous look" but makeup didi made her look like her aunt.

Instagram: @mallikadua

And another time when she wanted a berry-kissed look and ended up with this.

Instagram: @mallikadua

"The snaps are inspired by characters I've seen through childhood, college, work and life. Basically, I'm a creep. I observe people and get cheap thrills," Dua told BuzzFeed.

Instagram: @mallikadua

People have been really enjoying these videos with each one getting thousands of views.

Mallika Dua / Via

"When people tell me that they were very low/sad/crying and watching the video cheered them up, it holds more value than the brilliance of a script or accent or anything else. (I'm) happy to cheer people up (when I'm not PMSing)," she said.

Instagram: @mallikadua

You can follow her on Instagram here and on Snapchat @Mallikadua for a continuous supply of lols.