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23 Pictures Only Gujjus Will Understand

SpongeBob is literally a dhokla.

1. On our terms of endearment.

2. On unnecessary magajmari.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

3. On every mom's favourite taunt.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

4. On being cockblocked by overprotective parents.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

5. On festive puns.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

6. On the staple food of aunties.

7. On the secret to success.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

8. On the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Dobby".

9. On our weird obsession with food.

10. On taking things literally.

11. On our own spesal vocabulary.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

12. And even better pronunciations.

13. On entirely different languages.

14. On the most dreaded sentence in the Gujarati language.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

15. On pop songs.

16. On insults.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

17. On never being able to unsee this.

18. On all dhokla, errthang.

Buzzfeed India / Via Twitter: @thebarackosama

19. On pick-up lines.

SLB Films

20. And getting kinky.

21. On expectations.

22. On our greatest love affair.

Schitz En Giggles / Via Facebook: 656914911057704

23. And on being thankful to Karan Johar for providing the soundtrack of every wedding.

Dharma Productions

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