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    Sonakshi Sinha Looked Like A Literal Mermaid At An IIFA Event

    Are you sea-ing this?

    Most of Bollywood is making their way to Madrid for the 17th IIFA Awards. Sonakshi's already there and killing it at rehearsal.

    @aslisona / Via

    And then made her way to a press conference looking like a beautiful mythical creature of the sea.

    Sonakshi Sinha
    Sonakshi Sinha

    She was wearing this stunning outfit by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, styled by Allia Al Rufai.

    @aslisona / Via

    Of course she seems like she has legs but that's just to throw off the muggles.

    Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

    Only true believers can sea it.

    @aslisona / Via

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