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13 Ways You Should Actually Be Eating Maggi Noodles

Spoiler: They all take longer than two minutes. And they're all worth it.

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1. The Maggi burger

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Close your eyes and imagine the single best invention that humanity is responsible for. Yup, it's a burger between buns of instant noodles. Learn how to make the Brooklyn-born genius (originally made with Ramen, which is just less cool Maggi) here.

2. Cheesy Maggi noodle bake

Cook Maggi per its usual steps, then pour it into a greased baking tray. Sprinkle a couple of cups of shredded cheese in a layer over the noodles (fresh herbs optional and highly recommended), and toss the whole thing into a preheated oven for five minutes.

3. Prawn moilee Maggi

Make the coconut milk based prawn curry from this recipe and add cooked Maggi noodles to it. Thank us later.


4. Coriander-mint pesto Maggi

Why should you have to choose between Indian and Italian? It's a free country and you can have both if you please. Learn how here.

6. American chopsuey

Fried noodles in a yummy sauce??? Oh hell yeah! Lookit here.

7. Maggi eggs omelette

Want Maggi first thing in the morning but afraid you'll jump-start your quarter life crisis if you start having Maggi for breakfast? All your woes end with this recipe.


9. Maggi pakoras

In this ever-changing world, there's only one thing we know for sure: Every single food item is better if you turn it into a pakora. Get the super easy recipe here.

10. Four cheese Maggi in a basket

Want a meal that tastes five-star fancy on a one-star budget? Learn to make four cheese Maggi (just replace the pasta with cooked masala Maggi) here. And the dough basket here.


12. Asian Maggi noodle pancakes

Get the recipe for the drool-worthy goodness here.