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    13 Ways You Should Actually Be Eating Maggi Noodles

    Spoiler: They all take longer than two minutes. And they're all worth it.

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    1. The Maggi burger

    FoodhackTV / Via

    Close your eyes and imagine the single best invention that humanity is responsible for. Yup, it's a burger between buns of instant noodles. Learn how to make the Brooklyn-born genius (originally made with Ramen, which is just less cool Maggi) here.

    2. Cheesy Maggi noodle bake

    3. Prawn moilee Maggi

    4. Coriander-mint pesto Maggi

    5. Spicy chicken Maggi

    CheezzKitchen / Via

    Everyone knows that the way to a desi heart is through the stomach and the way to a desi stomach is via spice. Find the spice here.

    6. American chopsuey

    7. Maggi eggs omelette

    8. Maggi scotch eggs


    Things you didn't know you needed in your life until this moment: Delicious hard-boiled eggs deep-fried in a batter of Maggi noodles. Get the recipe here.

    9. Maggi pakoras

    10. Four cheese Maggi in a basket

    11. Maggi noodle spring roll

    Rajshri Food / Via

    There's literally nothing objectionable about this concept and if your mouth isn't watering, you're a monster. Get the deets here.

    12. Asian Maggi noodle pancakes

    13. Maggi-crusted chicken wings

    PopSugar / Via

    You want wings, but you also want Maggi. Not judging, we've all been there. Learn how to make yourself the best of both worlds here.

    Now you know.

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