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    Here's Tusshar Kapoor's Best Work Yet: An Adorable Surrogate Baby

    Kya cute ho tum.

    This is Tusshar Kapoor. He's an actor. He's also the son of yesteryears superstar Jeetendra, and the brother of the queen of Indian television, Ekta Kapoor.

    @tusshark89 / Via

    On June 27, he announced the birth of a baby boy born last week through IVF and surrogacy.

    "The paternal instincts in me have been overpowering my heart and mind for some time now. Therefore, I am thrilled beyond words to have Laksshya, now the greatest source of joy in my life," he said in an Instagram caption.

    @instantbollywood / Via

    Being a single parent in Bollywood* is rare and not easy, with Sushmita Sen being one of the few who raised two brilliant daughters by herself.

    Sushmita Sen / Via

    *Or anywhere else for that matter.

    This is the coolest thing you've ever done. Good job, Tusshar Kapoor!

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