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17 Pictures That Will Annoy Every Gujju

"Prem Ratan Dodh Dayo."

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1. This perfect movie review.

2. All the annoying terms of endearment.

3. This terrifying moment.

The Gujju Gyan / Via

4. And this one.

5. This automatic joke-inducer.

6. This universal fail.

7. This epic mistake.

8. This unfairness.

9. Always leading up to this.

10. This reminder every time you watch Harry Potter.

11. This sad moment.

12. Leading up to any reason to dance.

13. This unnecessary sass.

14. Seriously, Gujjus are made up of 95% sass.

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @CommonDesiDude

15. Sass from all directions.

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @ammiii_x

16. An overdose of sass.

17. All. The. Unnecessary. Sass.

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @thepoojaproject

Here's to surviving this aggressive upbringing.

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