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15 Pictures That Prove That Every Outfit Is Better With Jootis


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1. Obviously everyone knows that jootis are great under Indian clothes.

Instagram: @houseofmisu

3. But did you know that they can look mind-blowing under any outfit?

Instagram: @pocket

5. They look great with flouncy skirts...

Instagram: @mariagorettiz

7. Seriously, one pair can match everything.

Instagram: @asafetypin

8. You can wear them for a casual stroll in the woods.

Instagram: @fizzygoblet

9. Or to your best friend's wedding.

Instagram: @ratitehrisingh

10. Jootis can be conversation starters at music festivals.

Instagram: @mo

11. But they can magically transform into appropriate work attire.

Instagram: @sonubohra

12. IMAGINE a pair of shoes you can get drunk in without a worry.

Instagram: @springtimelioness

13. Even dance. Oh, imagine all the dance that you will do.

Instagram: @thekuber

14. If you aren't already convinced, here's a cute baby in cute baby jootis.

Instagram: @needledust

15. And some puppies, just in case.

Instagram: @needledust