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23 Street Style Photos That Prove India's Fashion Game Is On-Point

Presenting the kings and queens of quirk.

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India's two biggest fashion weeks just happened and all the street style pictures proved that Indians are the most swaggiestest best people on earth.

1. This monochrome goddess.

2. This sharp suitor.

Samir Rana / Via

4. These laid-back love bugs.

5. This happy summer dresser.

6. This diva who didn't need to choose between comfort and style.

StyleSpyIn / Via

7. This beauty who knows how to wear a print.

8. This perfect way to do sporty chic.

StyleSpyIn / Via

10. This white-shirted picture of perfection.

11. This tulle-loving prima donna.

12. This first lady of vintage jewellery.

13. These two festival fashionistas.

15. This fusion trendsetter.

16. This guy teaching us a thing or two about summer layers.

18. This fish print dress that is EVERYTHING!

19. This very correct way to wear a ghagra.

20. This chillest outfit ever.

21. The power that is this flower.

22. This quirky-cool ensemble.

Samir Rana / Via

23. And this WHOLE look that we're really feeling.