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    17 Nonsensical Bollywood Lyrics And Their Literal Translations

    Potato fritter, hey! Potato fritter. I didn't want to love you but I had to.

    1. "Tooh", Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.

    Dharma Productions

    Translation: "Fair-fair, naughty-naughty, round-round buttocks."

    Watch the whole amusing dance here.

    2. "Batata vada", Hifazat.

    Eros Music

    Translation: "Potato fritter, hey! Potato fritter. I didn't want to love you but I had to."

    See the whole video here.

    3. "Kurta phaad ke", Anari No 1.

    http://A.K. International

    Translation: "I will be yelling, "Laila! Laila!" after ripping my shirt."

    See the weirdest strip show ever here.

    4. "Amplifier", Imran Khan.

    Prestige Records

    Translation: "You are my woofer, I am your amplifier."

    Watch this whole catchy work of art here.

    5. "Tandoori Nights", Karzzzz.


    Translation: "Tak tana nana, Indian barbecue nights. Indian barbecue nights. Indian barbecue nights."

    Watch this super relatable song here.

    6. Title track, The Jungle Book.


    Translation: "There are talks in the jungle and it is known that a flower has put on underwear and proceeded to bloom."

    Watch this strange personification here.

    7. "Dum maaro dum", Dum Maaro Dum.

    Fox STAR Studios

    Translation: "Even the highest man, sits naked on the potty."

    Listen to this very real song here.

    8. "ABCD", Hum Saath Saath Hain.

    Rajshri Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

    Translation: Literally same.

    Singalong to the Alphabet Song here.

    9. "Dreamum Wakeupum", Aiyyaa.

    YashRaj Films

    Translation: "Dream umm... wake up umm... critical condition umm..."

    Get ALL your senses assaulted by watching it here.

    10. "Saree ke fall sa", R...Rajkumar.

    Eros International

    Translation: "Sometimes we match like a saree and its lining. Sometimes I leave my heart, sometimes I catch it."

    Watch this lesson on colour theory here.

    11. "Hookah bar", Khiladi 786.

    Eros Now

    Translation: "Your love, love, love. Hookah bar."

    Watch this ode to sheesha here.

    12. "Desi kalakaar", Yo Yo Honey Singh.


    Translation: "Lock your dad in his room and pack me some flat bread and okra."

    Watch this for WOW here.

    13. "Fevicol Se", Dabangg 2.

    Arbaaz Khan Productions

    Translation: I'm an Indian grilled chicken, my friend. Wash me down with alcohol.

    For the whole menu, look here.

    14. "Samose mein aalu", Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi.

    http://D.M.S. Films

    Translation: "As long as there is potato in the samosa, I will be yours, oh my Shaalu."

    Watch here for the love of samosa.

    15. "Choli ke peeche kya hai", Khalnayak.

    Mukta Arts

    Translation: "What is behind your blouse?"

    Listen to this unnecessary invasion of privacy here.

    16. "You are my chicken fry", Ragini MMS.

    Balaji Telefilms

    Translation: "You are my chicken fry. You are my fish fry. Hey girl, don't ever say bye, bye, bye."

    Yeah, here.

    17. "Munni badnaam", Dabangg.

    Arbaaz Khan Productions

    Translation: "Here, I transformed into a popular pain-relief ointment. Darling, for you."

    Watch this pain relieving song here.

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