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17 Nonsensical Bollywood Lyrics And Their Literal Translations

Potato fritter, hey! Potato fritter. I didn't want to love you but I had to.

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6. Title track, The Jungle Book.


Translation: "There are talks in the jungle and it is known that a flower has put on underwear and proceeded to bloom."

Watch this strange personification here.


10. "Saree ke fall sa", R...Rajkumar.

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Translation: "Sometimes we match like a saree and its lining. Sometimes I leave my heart, sometimes I catch it."

Watch this lesson on colour theory here.


14. "Samose mein aalu", Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi.

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Translation: "As long as there is potato in the samosa, I will be yours, oh my Shaalu."

Watch here for the love of samosa.

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