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16 People Who Made Summer Their Bitch

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your brains.

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1. Mr. Sleepyhead, who has found the coziest spot.

2. And his copycat.

Why is this a common practice?

Why is this a common practice?

3. This baby who thinks warm beds are too mainstream.


4. This cOoL gUy and his cuddle buddy.


5. These guys who have no time to relax so they set up hammocks on their way to work.

6. This youth who not only looks cool but also feels cool.

7. These swagtastic men keeping the sun off their eyes.

8. This uncle who knows that you get the best breeze during your afternoon siesta when someone is driving you around.


9. The owner of this vehicle who thought the in-car cooling system was NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

10. The owner of this car which doesn't have much going for it except its coolness.

11. This. GENIUS.

12. This napper who just wants to chill.

13. This family casually watching TV in their DIY pool.

14. This guy who wants to cool off with a dip in the ocean but knows that safety comes first.

15. These two kids who got buns, hun.


16. Shah Rukh Khan who knows that weather doesn't matter because being C-O-O-L is a state of minds.

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