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19 Reasons We Need To See More Of Rahul Khanna

Yes we Khanna.

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1. Hello thirsty citizens of the world. Meet your new MCM, MCT, MCW, MCTh, MCF, MCS and MCSu.

2. For those not in the know, this paragon of perfection is known as Rahul Khanna.

3. Our obsession started in 1994 when he had the coolest job as a VJ for MTV Asia.

4. Our fixation grew when he moved on to movies and we saw him in Earth and Bollywood/Hollywood.

5. But while we waited for our next fix, Rahul wanted to take things slow and only showed up in 8 movies in the last 16 years.

6. All great roles but DAMMIT RAHUL! We needed more.

7. He's had a noteworthy multi-cultural career spanning several different genres...

8. But is that enough for us? Nope!

10. Now he appears on FX’s The Americans where his wardrobe for one scene included this. Just this.

11. But we're not picky. We know he looks great in a suit...

12. And ahem, equally great without it.

13. He can turn your world upside down in one picture.

14. *Breathing intensifies*

15. In other attractive attributes, he's an animal lover.

16. And properly understands the importance of his civic duties.

17. He's also a gifted writer, writing both for his blog and numerous other publications.

18. Did we mention he's a foodie? And he cooks too!