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    This Dude Dresses His Beard Up For Every Holiday And It's Glorious

    We wish you a merry beard and a happy new beard.

    Meet Saagar Shaikh, a Texan living in California. He's an actor, entrepreneur and more importantly, a beard enthusiast.

    He saw that sticking flowers in beards had become a big trend and wondered what else he could stick up in there.

    He found some Christmas ornaments at work and put them in his beard for fun. "That's when I decided that I'm gonna decorate my beard for every major holiday and I started calling myself a Holiday Beard Decorator," Shaikh told BuzzFeed.

    Once he's inspired, he searches party stores for ornaments tiny enough to hang in his beard. Sometimes, he even makes them.

    Candy works too. "For Easter, I used toothpicks to hold the marshmallows in place," he said.

    He's super profesh and even has an art director, Erica Djafroodi, help him creatively.

    He wants to include more global holidays like Holi and Chinese New Year and hopes to start fresh in 2016.

    Saagar is so into beards that he's launched his own line of beard oils called Beards Of Glory.

    Follow the adventures of the Holiday Beard Decorator here.