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    25 Pictures Every Indian Kid Born In The Early 90s Will Recognise

    *gets disconnected from MSN* "MOOOOOOMMMM"

    1. You woke up to the chatter of your favourite RJs.

    2. And spent ages in the bathroom, secretly reading a Double Digest.

    3. All of which you got at a 'library' near your house.

    4. You had to spend precious hours of your summer vacation doing this to all your books.

    5. You didn't care about cellphones because you had this to tide you over boring classes.

    6. And playing WWF trump cards could get more violent than the real thing.

    7. The majority of your scandals didn’t come from social media. They came from slam books.

    8. And you didn’t ask celebrities for selfies. You asked for a signature in your autograph book.

    9. Even your stationery was technologically advanced.

    Excuse me, why was this made for KIDS?

    10. The candy you ate was designed to keep you occupied for several hours doing mindless nonsense.

    11. Getting these cheap-ass sugar boiled sweets at school were enough to make your day.

    12. You spent hours judging other people's letters on MTV, wondering if yours would ever go through.

    MTV / Via

    13. You wanted to grow up to be a VJ because of these guys.

    Channel V / Via

    14. You were enthralled by Lola and Alex's sizzling chemistry.

    15. You learnt of many animal species in Legends Of The Hidden Temple.


    Barracuda, amirite?

    16. You were obsessed with the kid version of SNL.


    17. You saw the these normal girls become rockstars and will forever remain attached.

    Channel V

    18. You treated removing a film from the box with as much care as an open heart surgery.

    BONUS: Buying these tiny jars filled with bubble-making liquid and a wire to blow from at the beach.

    19. You had every colour of Osho chappals ever made and often got ~creative~.

    20. You begged to go online to be greeted with this welcome sight.

    21. And if your mom had to use the phone, you played minesweeper while waiting for her to get off.


    By 'play' I mean 'randomly clicking on tiny squares till you died.'

    22. Winning at solitaire made you the happiest.

    23. The worst part of your day was when Cartoon Network tuned into TNT.

    Cartoon Network

    24. You got into bed and read volume after volume of Sweet Valley or Hardy Boys.

    25. And fell asleep under your DIY galaxy.

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