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25 Pictures Every Indian Kid Born In The Early 90s Will Recognise

*gets disconnected from MSN* "MOOOOOOMMMM"

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2. And spent ages in the bathroom, secretly reading a Double Digest.

5. You didn't care about cellphones because you had this to tide you over boring classes.

6. And playing WWF trump cards could get more violent than the real thing.

7. The majority of your scandals didn’t come from social media. They came from slam books.

8. And you didn’t ask celebrities for selfies. You asked for a signature in your autograph book.

11. Getting these cheap-ass sugar boiled sweets at school were enough to make your day.

19. You had every colour of Osho chappals ever made and often got ~creative~.

20. You begged to go online to be greeted with this welcome sight.

24. You got into bed and read volume after volume of Sweet Valley or Hardy Boys.