21 GIFs To Help You Go To Sleep

    GO TO BED!

    Everyone loves sleeping because sleep is bae.

    1. But so is the internet and it always wants to stay up and talk.

    2. Your eyes are closing but you cannot. Stop. Scrolling.

    3. The world stops making sense.

    4. So get in bed.

    5. Or a box... No one's judging.

    6. Or on a table. You do you.

    7. Do a few relaxing stretches.

    8. Find your sweet spot.

    9. Grab a pillow.

    10. And a sleeping buddy.

    11. Close your eyes...

    12. And go to your happy place.

    13. And get ready to be a happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

    14. Think of four sleepy kitties...

    15. Three tired puppies...

    16. Two cuddle buddies...

    17. And one chill AF sloth.

    18. If all else fails, you can always count on the classics.

    19. You're now as ready as you can get for dreamland.

    20. Sleep tight.

    21. Don't let the bed bugs bite (or lick your face).

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