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A Delhi Student Made A HONY-Style "Pokémons Of New York" Page And It's EVERYTHING

Pokémon have problems too.

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But do you even know about the very real problems these poor creatures have been facing suddenly?

Pokémons Of New York

“They think that just because I don’t have eyes that I don’t see their disappointment. People call me a waste of Pokéballs, and it hurts every time. It’s not my fault I’m hard to catch. If people don’t want me, that’s fine, but don’t get mad at me just because you don’t know how to throw a Pokéball,” says this poor Zubat.

Delhi student Abhishek Singh Kadian and his friend, Avish Revis, saw the growing popularity of the game and thought, "Wouldn’t it be great to hear their stories and how they adjust in the world?"

Pokémons Of New York

Kadian launched a Facebook page called "Pokémons of New York" parodying "Humans of New York", replacing humans with... Pokémon.

"It suddenly boomed and the first day saw 3000 likes from all over the globe, because Pokémon fans are everywhere," Kadian told BuzzFeed.

He enlisted his Mumbai-based friend Akash Shah to help handle the page.


"Growing up with Pokémon on the old Cartoon Network in the evening was the best way to grow up I think. I was ten when I saw the first episode of Pokémon on TV. Immediate connection with Ash there. He was ten too," he said.

He even has a message to everyone who's bothered by the "s" in "Pokémons" – "The plural is actually Pokémon but I wanted to keep the "s" because it's a spin on “Humans” of New York."

You can keep up with the Pokémon by following the page here.