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21 Indian Men Who Have Already Won No-Shave November

Holy hell, should it be this hot in November?!

1. If you didn't realise already, it's officially Movember.

2. Also known as No-Shave November, a month when men let their facial hair grow free.

3. It's an amazing global effort to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

4. And a really neat side effect is that there are beards all around us.

5. There are all kinds of beards.

6. Some subtle, slight stubbly beards.

7. Groomed, well-behaved beards.

8. And some that just run wild.

9. There are celebrity beards.

10. That should definitely have their own social media profiles.

11. Every role should demand a beard.

12. There are beards that make us laugh.

13. And beards that make us shed a tear.

14. Beards that are adorable.

15. Beards that are intense.

16. Petition: No-Shave November should be extended to No-Shave All Year Long.

17. Because: Reason No. 1.

18. Reason No. 2.

19. You get the point.

20. Every beard is beautiful.

21. Thank you for all that you do, ya wonderful, perfect, bearded menfolk.