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    Posted on 4 Feb 2015

    21 Ways Bollywood Ruined You For Life

    "Radha on the dance floor, Radha likes to party, Radha has to go home so she can study for her finals and not bring shame to her family."

    1. Regular IRL people just can't match the standards Bollywood set for you.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    2. Seriously, no one's even close.

    3. And even if you did manage to find someone, your expectations were way, WAY high.


    Bollywood guys: "Nothing is more precious to me than Shanti's life."

    Regular guys: "Oh well #OnToTheNextOne."

    4. Everything in your life has to be filmy AF - even your teenage emo phase.

    5. You think that unrequited love is the only kind of love that counts.


    If you didn't commit suicide together, is it even love?

    6. Every time people thought you were "weird" and "crazy" because you broke into dance at the slightest drizzle.

    Narsimha Enterprises / Via

    7. When Bollywood taught you how much fun it is to scandalise your dadi.


    Because of which, you're now out of the will.

    8. When the sass queens of Bollywood are responsible for you being single.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    They taught you too well.

    9. When you can't process anything that isn't at least indirectly related to Bollywood.

    10. Not even biology.

    Balaji Motion Pictures / Via

    11. When Bollywood gave you unrealistic expectations of your curfew.

    All India Bakchod

    12. When you try to flirt how Bollywood taught you to and no one gets the hint.


    "Uhh why is that creep staring at me?"

    13. When you wait and wait for the synchronised dancing to start but it never does.

    Dharma Production / Via

    14. You’re quickly losing friends because of the crap, Bollywood-approved relationship advice you dole out.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    "If she turns while walking away, she's def into you!"

    15. You disappoint your S.O. because you don't wake up like they do in the movies.

    16. You can't help but shimmy every time you bolly jam comes on.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    No matter the time or place.

    17. When running to catch a train doesn't mean you are late. It means a happy ending to your love story.


    18. When you found put that Kajol and SRK aren't real life lovers and felt physical pain.


    Literally the desi version of finding out that Santa doesn't exist.

    19. When it taught you that the way to find your soulmate is by getting your dupatta caught in his kurta.

    20. You're seriously disappointed every time you meet a new person and don't have a stare off.

    21. You give up too easily when life gets hard because of your foolproof back up plan.

    Thumbnail image credit: The Filmy Owl

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