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29 Truly Mesmerising Makeup GIFs To Soothe Your Soul

You definitely did not wake up like this.

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1. Your blinking become 2X slower when your eyelids are this gorgeous.

2. Who knew a brush of glitter could instantly turn you into a goddess?

3. But sometimes just glitter isn't enough to make you sparkle.


4. Your smokey eye could use a glamorous lift.

5. Throw shade on people who don't understand the importance of lining.

6. There is no greater joy than perfecting your winged liner.

7. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that lips need to be monochromatic.

8. Makeup so flawless, you want everyone to notice.

9. Glitter for when you want your words to sparkle.

10. "Read my lips."

11. Your black obsession isn't just for clothes.

12. You're happy to spend extra time to get your eyebrows on fleek.

13. Because Cara might be looking.

14. #Flawless.

15. You fantasise about the day you can put makeup on so effortlessly.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

16. Perfect lining that is approved by your OCD.

17. This flawlessly lined runway look.

18. This hypnotic GIF.

19. There's nothing hotter that Adriana Lima putting on her lipstick.

20. Except this GIF of Dita Von Teese.


21. Glitter is amazing literally everywhere.


22. Everyone knows your lipstick reflects your mood.

23. This GIF perfectly captures how you would like to look the day you leave this world.

Alloy Entertainment / Via

24. Sometimes, you wish you could wear nothing but red lipstick.

25. Fluttering your eyelashes is so much sexier when they're false.


26. Make your best contour face.


27. The clean sweep to finish.

28. Ready to #slaaay.

29. The world would be a happier place if you could just remove your makeup like this every night.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

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