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11 Instagrammers Every Curvy Desi Girl Should Follow For Fashion Inspiration

Taking flawlessness to new heights.

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1. Aashna from Beyond That Bouffant.

Follow her personal style blog "where women, irrespective of their appearance & background, should be able to enjoy fashion as much as I do."

2. Beepsa from Indian Curvy Chic.

Follow her for weather-appropriate OOTDs and hilarious honesty.

3. Aarti from Curves Become Her.

"I endeavour to remind you that fashion is fun whatever size you are at, you are worthy of love and attention, you have nothing to be ashamed of," says the body-positive activist and feminist.

4. Tanesha from Girl With Curves.

This award-winning blog was the first digital influencer in the world to break fashion’s size barrier.


5. Ragini from A Curious Fancy.

Follow Ragini for her whimsical, vintage and extra adorable outfits.

6. Sonaksha from The Sonshu.

"Hey aunty who cares so much about my fat arms and legs, thought you might enjoy this outfit." – Queen Sonaksha.

7. Gia from Gia Says That.

Follow Gia for outfits you'd actually wear and great beauty and DIY tips.

8. Reeneta from Glam Shutter.

Other than her flawless fashion, read Reeneta's brutally honest views on growing up plus-sized here.


9. Anushka from Bombay Bubble.

Follow Anushka as she assembles her new life in England in gorgeous ensembles.

10. Komal from Delhi Fashion Blogger.

Follow Komal's YouTube channel as she reviews beauty products, simplifies makeup techniques and even shows you how to deal with body-shaming.

11. LuAnne from Weesha's World.

"Whatever you’ve been through, I’ve done it too – the gym, starving, bulimia, depression, self harm – most women have and I’d really like to change that," says LuAnne as she tries to change the world, one blogpost at a time.