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    Posted on 8 Jun 2016

    The One Thing You Need To Include In Your Wardrobe To Get Through Summer

    Give summer the cold shoulder.

    Hello friends and fam. I trust you are reading this in the comfort of your air conditioned office, the memory of your morning commute conveniently forgotten... until you have to leave to go home again.

    Yash Raj Films

    Well, this off-shoulder trend can make you feel a tiny bit cooler and isn't that just what we all want? To be a tiny bit cooler?

    @SonamKapoor / Via

    The long forgotten '90s trend made a comeback in Spring-Summer 2016 and has already become a wardrobe staple.

    Because there has to be a way that someone as hot as Malaika Arora Khan can look THIS cool.


    And since we're going full on '90s with chokers and what not, we might as well bring back the off-shoulder.


    Take a second to stare at Monica Dogra.

    Because look HOW PRETTY!!!

    @StyleDrive / Via

    And look how stylish yet comfortable and breezy.

    @aashna_bhagwani / Via

    And most importantly, wearing one will make you feel like Princess Jasmine.


    You can make yourself a DIY version using an oversized shirt.

    Kritika Khurana
    Kritika Khurana

    Let Kritika Khurana of That Boho Girl show you how here.

    Or you can buy one on Koovs.

    From left to right: Embroidered white dress for ₹1,995. Black off-shoulder top for ₹1,195. White embroidered off-shoulder top for ₹1,295.

    Or on The Label Life.

    The Label Life
    The Label Life

    From left to right: Pinstripe off-shoulder top for ₹1,690. Green off-shoulder top for ₹1,990.

    Good luck cooling off.

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