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    Here's How To Get This Snapchat Filter On Your Face IRL

    *Bookmarks for Halloween or maybe Saturday night*

    In continued efforts to help us look flawless even while we look like garbage, Snapchat has released a series of filters and this is the best one.

    YouTuber Debasree Banerjee of All She Needs has a way to recreate it without having a screen stuck to your face the whole time.

    First start with a foundation that matches your skin and slather it on.

    Now mix shade adjusting lightening drops into your regular foundation to get the lighter, comic book skin.

    Now come the tricky parts so take a picture of yourself with the filter so you know exactly what you have to do.

    Use a felt tip liner to stencil out your dramatic brows (also can this become a thing so we never have to go threading again).

    Use a pigmented blue eyeshadow to colour in your lids.

    Now draw the tears on with a felt tip liner.

    And fill them in with an eye shadow.

    Now look at your Snapchat picture and draw on the accents.

    Fill your lips in with a crimson matte lipstick and you're done.

    Watch the whole video for a step-by-step tutorial.

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