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17 Things No Desi Girl Will Tell You

Our lives are like Bollywood movies… At least in our heads..

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1. Sometimes we wear a dupatta as a ghoongat and pretend it's our wedding day.

Mukta Arts / Via

2. We read the erotic parts of a romantic novel over and over again.

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3. Or straight up watch porn.

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4. No satisfaction is greater than pulling out an ingrown hair. The longer the better.

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5. We try to thread/tweeze our own faces when we're bored.


There's a reason we have professionals for this!

6. We don't wash bras for days, even months.

7. Every desi girl pretends she's the main lead in a bollywood movie, every time a sad song plays while she's travelling.

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8. We can spend hours trying to get our hair to look clean instead of taking a 20 minute shower to wash it.


Don't worry. Just some dry shampoo, gel, hair spray, perfume, braids, straighter, top knot and a dab of mousse will fix that right up.

9. We don't ~always~ have a shower after the gym.

10. We totally make up romantic dance sequences in our head whenever we have a crush.

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11. We have, at some point in our lives, worn a bed sheet as a sari.

12. If a t-shirt got stuck on our head, we'd pretend it was our long, Rapunzel hair.

13. We have, at least once, considered using the toilet jet spray to get a *cough* deep clean.

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14. Sometimes after a shower we dance like Kajol from DDLJ.

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15. We make plans immediately after getting waxed, so everyone can see our smooth legs.

16. We used to tie up our t-shirts at the waist and pretend we were in an item song.

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17. We wore our necklaces/hairbands on our heads and pretended they were crowns so we could finally be the Indian princesses we were born to be.