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17 Reasons To Look Forward To Delhi's Muffler Trend

Grab a jhaadu, this trend is about to sweep our capital.

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2. Flu season is long gone.

3. Soon winter will turn into spring.

4. Bringing a whole new season of flu.

5. One thing will remain forever constant.

6. Or at least for the 5 next years.

7. There's going to be a clear majority of sexy men in the capital.

8. Delhi's going to treated with hoards of aam admis with covered necks.

9. It's going to be muffler season all year round.

10. Knitted mufflers are the most popular by a landslide.

11. Even quirky polka dots will reign.

12. We know this one's holding a towel, but that works too.

Also just look at him.

13. Tiny coughs and throat clearing will suddenly become sexy.

14. Hide yo dupattas, ladies!

15. Because yo admi might steal 'em.

16. To wind multiple times around their neck.

17. Because everyday they mufflin'.