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23 Superstitions Indians Have While Watching Cricket

Thought you were the only weirdo who does shit like eating ice-cubes during matches and wearing lucky underwear? Well, you're in good company.

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Everyone has bizarre superstitions in place when their favourite sports teams are playing. Online payment portal, Paytm, started a contest on Twitter with the hashtag #MyCricketTotka to find out everyone's.

Its CONTEST time! Share your craziest totka for the #IndvsAus match & win big! #MyCricketTotka

1. Twitteratti and even other brands joined in to find out the funniest totkas.

@DishTV_India #mycrickettotka I keep sachin signed bat with me

2. This guy who won't let go of his old towel.

@Paytm #mycrickettotka i watch complete match wearing my lucky towel.

3. This sticker enthusiast.


Good luck removing them!

4. This poet.

@Paytm I'll not text or call my gf untill MSD gets the ticket to MCG ๐Ÿ˜Ž she'll get shock bt i'll rock ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† #MyCricketTotka #IndvsAus

5. This boyfriend who's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

@Paytm #MyCricketTotka is that during match,I keep my girlfriend's number in auto rejection mode,and had always seen India winning ;)

6. This guy who's just trying to use his laziness as a totka.

#MyCricketTotka..I abstain from shaving....:))

7. This guy who's really excited about not showering.

When India beat OZ during WC2011 . On that day I didn't bath or I ALSO DIDN'T BATH TOMORROW . #MyCricketTotka

8. This teacher whose class got real lucky.

Correcting papers of my students I will not fail anyone this is my #MyCricketTotka @Paytm

9. This man who thinks he can pull off a Superman without getting fired.

#MyCricketTotka is to wear the underwear above the office uniform and watch the maatch. @Paytm

10. This fickle fan who keeps changing sides.

#MyCricketTotka left corner of Sofa while India batting and right corner while opposition batting. believe me it works :-)

11. This person who's depending on astrology and numerology.

#MyCricketTotka Tomorrow is Maha-Saptami. 7 is lucky number for MS Dhoni. I'll write 7 times 7 on twitter tomorrow.

12. This guy who may need a pedicure after this.

#MyCricketTotka @Paytm It's yucky one but I wear my lucky socks without washing for whole tourney & WC has proven that my lucky charm works

13. This girl who won't let her poor mother sit down.

I make my mother enter the room repeatedly coz wenevr she comes in, india takes a wicket.. nd it works :D #MyCricketTotka @Paytm

14. This guy whose mother needs to take him underwear shopping.

Wearing The Same Underwear That I Wore 4 Years Ago When India Lifted The WC Trophy ๐Ÿ˜#MyCricketTotka

15. Just this guy.

@DishTV_India will always dress up crazily for india`s matches! #mycrickettotka

Can we be friends?

16. This austere fan.

@Paytm #MyCricketTotka is No Paani Upvaas during the whole #IndvsAus match tomorrow. I know that'll surely bring good luck for Team India!!

17. This guy who needs to keep his cool.

@Paytm I will eat ice cubes continuously while watching match #MyCricketTotka

18. This serious performer.

@Paytm I will keep juggling with two eggs until team India wins! #MyCricketTotka #IndvsAus

19. This standing yogi.

#MyCricketTotka @Paytm Another Superstition is a weary one. Standing for the last 10 overs of Indian batting to increase the run rate

20. This health nut who is going to have enough energy to defeat the opposition himself.

@Paytm #MyCricketTotka is to eat bananas if the oppositions wickets are not falling

21. This guy who thinks an apple a day will keep the runs away.

@Paytm #MyCricketTotka I Eats One Apple For Every Wickets Taken by the Indian Bowlers

22. This girl's poor grandfather who had to hold it in.

My Grand father used to hold in his farts during matches.. if he farted, maahaul bigad jaata tha :D #MyCricketTotka

23. This guy who has the best plan.

Tonight Antiquity Blue, and tomorow #bleedblue. #MyCricketTotka #IndvsAus

What are your game day superstitions?

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Tell us in the comments below and hopefully your team will win.