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26 Ways Vodafone Is Your Crazy Ex From Hell

You and I, in this 3G-less, unnecessarily expensive, no network and bad customer service world.

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1. You didn't know what you were getting into until the ugly end.

2. They kept hanging up on you like immature imbeciles.


3. They always gotta act like they've got something up their bum.


4. They were never there when you REALLY needed them.

5. Like never.

"@shadymumbai: In Bombay ...During Rains ..3 things are known to Vanish immediately 1) Autos 2) Tata Sky 3) Vodafone 3g Network ."

6. They were unavailable when you needed entertainment late at night.

7. They are the reason for your drinking problem.

So @RashiNaresh got so upset with chodafone that she's drinking to drain the sorrow :P Awwww...

8. They were cheaters.


9. They still wanted you to recommend them to your hot friends.

10. There was always a ton of miscommunication.

11. Even in happiness, you weren't ever on the same page.

Ohh Chodafone. As entertaining as always.

12. It's like they just never got you.

Whoever handles the chodafone profile really needs to start understanding the problem before replying.

13. Their misbehaviour was ALARMING and you threatened to leave them many times.


14. Even your friends didn't get why you were still with them.

@anaggh - Sir, this Chodafone has been given u problems since the last three years or so. Why don't you change it to something that works?

15. They made promises they couldn't keep.

16. They said they would call but they never did.

So this is the 5th time @VodafoneIN said they will call back. They truly are #Chodafone. It takes them 5 days to call

17. And when you got tired and called them, they kept you on hold for hours.

18. You had so many feelings that they had to be put into poetry.


19. You and your friends even made up a nick-name to bitch about your ex in public.

@urban_pandit @NehaT_ I actually write chodafone simply because if you write the V word,they spam.

20. Sometimes, you would get tired of their mood swings and replace them temporarily.

Hello #vodafone why ve taken away my 3G ... Now tweeting thru #wifi

21. They tried to win you back when they saw you getting attention elsewhere.

22. They started stalking you on all channels of communication.

23. Or sent you passive aggressive texts.

Once, @VodafoneIN was mad at me for not paying my bills on time and sent me this passive aggressive OTP :(

24. They kept playing games with your heart.

"@Beingmazeem: This @VodafoneIN Internet Sucks!!! @ThisStupidGirl: Vodafone please stop playing this 'on-off' game with my internet.""

25. You gave them everything you had but in the end, you were the broke loser.

26. And now you just try really hard to stay away from them.

@reviewero That's because if I mention the "V" word in my tweets, they call me promptly. It's irritating. Hence Chodafone. @NehaT_