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Mumbai, Prepare To RUIN Your Diet: Those Viral Australian "Freakshakes" Are Finally In Town

I've waited my whole life for this.

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Remember these crazy viral milkshakes from Australia that everyone and their grandma was obsessing over a year ago?

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

And because we're in India, and everything comes here last, we had to keep ourselves entertained by scrolling through #foodporn late at night (just me? OKAY THEN).

Instagram: @brotherhe

Local diet destroyer, Di Bella, has taken up the nobel cause of getting these messy creations to us and we're grateful 🙏.


That's a caramel milkshake with whipped cream, toffee sauce, pretzels, Twix and a big piece of waffle DAMN RIGHT.

Instagram: @the

This one's chocolate milkshake with chocolate ganache, chocolate pearls, thick cream, chocolate shots, Oreos, chocolate sticks, whipped cream AND WAFFLES. *phew*

Instagram: @thevegetarianbhukkad

And FINALLY, this white chocolate milkshake with marshmallows, sprinkles, whipped cream and a goddamn lollipop.

Instagram: @lost

Please take a moment and do some breathing exercises lest you lick your germ-ridden phone screen.


*licks glass because that's how we drink milkshakes now*

Instagram: @mumbai

Meanwhile, at the Di Bella headquarters: