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13 Times Actresses Proved That Bollywood Isn't As Catty As Tabloids Want You To Believe

Can you feel the love?

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Indian tabloids are really into pitting Bollywood actresses against one another and creating imaginary cat fights.

Mid Day / Via Twitter: @nirali_ss

This article below was written about a mundane picture of one actress showing her manicure to another. They're far from reality though. While they do sometimes step on each other's toes (like normal humans), most times they're chill AF.

1. Like when Anushka really appreciated her colleague's work and sent her a text to appresh.

2. When Alia was put in an awkward spot but was super graceful.

3. When all of Bollywood sang Priyanka Chopra's praises.


4. When Kangana spoke about how Bipasha had an impact on her life.

5. When Nargis dealt with false rumours with some love.

6. When these actresses were part of Kangana's fan club.

7. When Katrina and Kareena had this cute thing going.


8. When Priyanka uploaded this picture of a regular girls' night out.

9. When Katrina and Sonam indulged in some BFF PDA.

10. When Parineeti had a girl crush.

11. When Deepika was trying to neutralise Karan's cattiness.


12. When even Sonam was part of the girl gang.

13. And when Katrina perfectly captured what we're all thinking.