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    12 Indian Websites That'll Deliver Quirky, Life-Improving Goodies Every Month

    ♫ Give it to me, I'm worth it.♫

    1. For hoarders of all things beauty: MSM box

    2. For the foodie: The Gourmet Box

    3. For the luxury aficionado: My Envy Box

    4. For the one with a passion for fashion: Zotiqq

    5. For anyone who uses organic and vegan products: Beauty Wish Box

    6. For the one who likes surprises: Sugarbox

    7. For the fitness fanatic: Snackosaur

    8. To make that time-of-the-month easier: Being Juliet

    9. For the designer-obsessed: The Little Bauble Box

    10. For the reader: Paper Planes

    11. For the smoker: Slimjim Happy Box

    12. And for the regional food fan: Eatelish

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