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12 Indian Websites That'll Deliver Quirky, Life-Improving Goodies Every Month

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1. For hoarders of all things beauty: MSM box

What's in it: Beauty products. They have different boxes for different price ranges. You can even build your own box. There's one for men, too!

How much: Boxes start from ₹495 per month.

2. For the foodie: The Gourmet Box

What's in it: Hand-picked gourmet foods from around the world.

How much: Boxes start from ₹700 per month.

3. For the luxury aficionado: My Envy Box

What's in it: Indian and international luxury beauty products.

How much: ₹850 per month.

4. For the one with a passion for fashion: Zotiqq

What's in it: Trendy fashion jewellery to surprise you every month.

How much: Boxes start from ₹1,000 per month.

5. For anyone who uses organic and vegan products: Beauty Wish Box

What's in it: Natural and vegan beauty products from The Nature's Co.

How much: ₹595 per month.

6. For the one who likes surprises: Sugarbox

What's in it: Fashion, beauty and lifestyle products for when you can't decide.

How much: ₹1,499 per month.

7. For the fitness fanatic: Snackosaur

What's in it: Healthy alternatives for when you have the munchies.

How much: ₹299 per month.

8. To make that time-of-the-month easier: Being Juliet

What's in it: This miracle box is specially made to help make your period easier with sanitary supplies, comforters and thoughtful gifts.

How much: Starts with ₹900 for 3 months.

9. For the designer-obsessed: The Little Bauble Box

What's in it: Beautifully crafted Indian designer jewellery.

How much: ₹2699 for a box.

10. For the reader: Paper Planes

What's in it: Indie magazines from around the world that make the most interesting read.

How much: ₹1,000 per month.

11. For the smoker: Slimjim Happy Box

What's in it: Smoking paraphernalia for the best experience.

How much: ₹500 for a box.

12. And for the regional food fan: Eatelish

What's in it: Regional artisanal food from around India.

How much: ₹699 for a box.