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    27 Oct 2015

    12 Street Foods You Have To Eat In Bengaluru

    More like Benga-drool-u, amirite?

    1. Taste the best masala dosa in the word at Laxmi Nataraja, Nagarathpet.

    2. Sample some Bihari Laung Lata at Avenue Road.

    3. Bite into the aloo and onion samosas on Church Street.

    4. Have a gobi manchurian vada pav at J.C. Road. Strange but goood.

    5. Try a holige, a paratha stuffed with sweet dal or sweet coconut, in VV Puram.

    6. Allow your mind to be blown with this capsicum bhajji at Gutahalli.

    7. Stuff yourself with a bun samosa from the street vendor near Queen's Restaurant on Church Street.

    8. It may not look beautiful but the Patthar Gosht at Mosque Road is the most delectable thing in Bengaluru.

    9. Drown yourself in a pile of paddu or mini dosa balls from anywhere around the city.

    10. Pop in a few mini chilli bhajjis from SKS Tea Stall on Old Airport Road.

    11. Have an aloo tikki chaat from Gangotri Sweets and Chaat on Palace Road.

    12. And the onion kachoris of Devramji outside Jain College on J.C. Road are a must-eat. Totally OK to plan a trip around these babies.

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