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    19 Struggles Only Short People Face While Taking A Picture

    *Tip-toes, stands on table, climbs on counter, still cropped out.*

    1. First of all, bathroom mirror selfies are a bitch.

    Like really, who is using these mirrors for selfies??? HAGRID?

    2. We have no option but to stand on chairs and things to get a good one.

    3. Even Mother Nature trolls you.

    4. If you're a shortie and not standing in the front row of a group shot, forget it.

    So you're always shoved in the front.

    5. Even large props can eclipse your entire body.

    I was on my tippy toes & could barely see 😒 #shortpeopleproblems

    6. Taking pictures with younger siblings after a growth spurt is the worst.

    I mean I'm older! It's only fair that I be taller.

    my sister is 16..what is actual life 😭😭😭 #shortpeopleproblems

    7. You're used to everyone just picking you up to get you in a frame.

    8. If you crop pictures for Instagram, they start looking weird.

    9. You may be a beast on the field but in front of the camera, you'll always be a hobbit.

    10. Sometimes it gets in the way of your job.

    Shout out to this bench for giving me a lift. #AnythingForAGoodShot #ShortPeopleProblems #…

    11. And it might be hampering your progress.

    I CANT STOP LAUGHING... POOR ALLY 😂😂😂 #ShortPeopleProblems

    12. But you've gotten good at improvising solutions.

    A little preview before the big show starts! 🎥📺 #shortpeopleproblems @GaitherTV

    13. Sometimes your short arms won't even let you fit your whole face in a selfie.

    14. But your life changed the minute you got a selfie stick.

    GOOOOD MOAAARNIN!!! From me, my love & my new selfie stick ❤ #selfiestick #ShortPeopleProblems

    15. You find yourself on your tippy-toes every time you're in front of a camera.

    When you're trying to be tall enough for a picture #shortpeopleproblems @amanda__1129

    16. Or standing on boxes.

    .... Height challenged much #ShortPeopleProblems heels aren't enough, I need my big girl box too 😂

    17. Or skateboards.

    When everyone else in the photo is tall and u just wanna be around their height @inunobxkx #shortpeopleproblems

    18. But years of trial, error, and innovation have made you a pro at showing off your most flattering angles.

    19. And now you're pretty OK with being small, TBH.

    You know you're short when your whole body fits in a selfie! #shortpeopleproblems #shortpe…

    So the next time we see a camera, we'll be there...soon.