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    15 Cocktails You Need To Get Hammered In Bengaluru

    Weekend plan sorted.

    1. Science Project at The Open Box

    Get scientifically drunk with vodka, orange juice, blue curacao, and Sprite.

    2. The Monk Pop at Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober

    You can't really go wrong with an Old Monk Coke float.

    3. The Bees Knees at Fava


    Feel magical after this potion of vodka, honey and liquid nitrogen.

    4. Acharoska, Church Street Social

    Get yourself in all kinds of pickles with vodka, fresh mint, sweet & sour mix and Indian lime pickle.

    5. Ice Lolly Shots at The Open Box

    Remember when you treated yourself to a pepsi-cola and thought it would taste great when spiked? No? The Open Box did.

    6. Kid Créme at The Open Box

    When you were a baby and had to have baby formula? Add dark rum and chocolate and you're basically a drunk baby.

    7. Choco Tiki Coco at Drinks On M.G.


    Say aloha to Old Monk, white chocolate, coconut and pineapple juice.

    8. Glasshouse Pink Panther, The Glass House

    Try this signature cocktail with Absolut, Cointreau and pomegranate juice.

    9. Fenny 'O' Rita, Fenny's Lounge And Kitchen

    The best way to get a brain freeze is with Gold tequila, triple sec, orange syrup, Monin pomegranate, fresh squeezed margarita mix.

    10. SKYEE-line Cosmo, Skyee

    Try lime vodka, Grand Marnier, pomegranate and cranberry juice to feel refreshed AF.

    11. Melon Sangria at Olive Beach


    Get back to the basics with white wine, melon balls and basil.

    12. Double Jade at The Fatty Bao

    Try neon green cocktail made with gin, kiwi, khus and kaffir lime.

    13. Tequila choco fudge at Sotally Tober


    Like a chocolate fudge sundae but with TEQUILA.

    14. Full Tunn Bucket at Hangover

    The name literally means to get slizzard so proceed with caution.

    15. The Treasure Chest at Three Dots & A Dash

    If you want to get REAL FUCKED UP, try rum, rum and more rum.

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