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16 Relatable Situations For Anyone With A Nosy Uncle Or Aunty

Aunty Ji, Aunty Ji, shut up and sit.

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1. You know when you're at home, minding your own business, and an aunty sneakily comes up to you and starts bombarding you with questions?

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2. Or a creepy uncle that just won't go away?

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3. They even stop you on the streets, check you out, and declare you perfect for their neighbour's brother's uncle's aunt's daughter's nephew.

4. You and your unmarried cousins have perfected the art of running and hiding.

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5. And laughing at them from your secret abode.

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6. While they try to find you and make you conform to their standards of the perfect desi woman.

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7. You can respond in a number of non-sanskari ways, like telling them that alcohol is bae.

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8. Or tell them you're too in love with yourself to let someone else into your life.


9. Pick up a nearby inanimate object and introduce it as your significant other.

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10. Act more and more like a crazy cat lady when they come to visit. No need for an actual cat in this one.

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11. Build a symbolic cage and gyrate inside to protest the "freedom" women are actually given in society.


12. If they try to lecture you about your choice of clothes, strip.

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13. If they say it's not cool for girls to have sexual relations before marriage, stop for a minute to explain why they're wrong.


14. Dramatically faint every time you see them.

15. As Tumblr advises: If they say "you're next" at every wedding, start saying "you're next" at every funeral.

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16. And when they start questioning your entire presence, leave.

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