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16 Reasons Alia Bhatt Is The Fashion Icon Of Our Generation

Taalia for Alia!

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3. Because she knows that, with the right combo, you can look red carpet-ready in a t-shirt.

4. Because when she's happy and she knows it, she isn't afraid to show it.


5. Because she knows you can be glam with simple hair and makeup.

8. Because she showed us that it's alright to channel our inner Disney princess whenever we want.


9. Because she constantly demonstrates how to go super casual and super pretty at the same time.

11. Because she never tries to look older than she is.

12. Because she can just wrap a piece of fabric around herself and get fierce.

14. Because she never holds back from having fun dressing up, even if that means neon bandages.

15. Because she shows the power of a Little Black Dress.