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    A Sincere Ode To Uno From Everyone Who Has Ever Existed


    1. If you've never seen this pile of magic, you're doing EVERYTHING wrong.

    2. Uno is an addiction, a religion even.

    3. You can't go anywhere without it.

    4. Because it takes commuting to another level.

    5. It also seeps into other aspects of your life, like birthdays...

    6. Your fitness regime...

    7. And your relationships.

    8. Playing a game of Uno brings out the ruthless S.O.B. in you.

    9. You often wonder why Uno Olympics don't exist.

    10. And if anyone tries to challenge that, you're not above cutting them out.

    11. No friendship is strong enough to survive this act of betrayal.

    12. You have all versions and variations of it.

    13. Like Uno Jenga.

    14. Uno Spin.

    15. And whatever this glorious contraption is.

    16. Also, it has been scientifically* discovered that Uno also brings out your inner romantic.

    17. SCIENCE has also proved that ALL LIVING ORGANISMS enjoy a quick game.

    18. Uno has also toughened up an entire generation, preparing them for REAL LIFE.

    19. So do yourself a favour and add a pack of Uno to your toy box.