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A Definitive Ranking Of Govinda's 14 Most Important Outfits Of All Time

Welcome to a carefully curated sartorial journey with Bollywood's most iconic trendsetter.

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14. The Wizard of Haute Couture


Call it magic. Call it true. Here Govinda perfectly demonstrates how to add just the right amount of mysticism to any old outfit. Robed in an otherworldly brocade trench made of the finest silks overlaid with spun gold, he leaves us spellbound.

13. They Were All Yellow

Padmini Tele Media / Via

Govinda's romance with the colour yellow is the stuff legends are made of. The ranking of the most yellow things in the world would be: The sun, sunflowers, Mountain Dew, Govinda, a jaundiced person and so on and so forth. That and leather pants. #essentials.

12. Maven of the Man Purse

Shree Ashtavinayal Cinevision Ltd. / Via

Try as you might, you will never look as effortlessly chic as Govinda does with his macho man-bag draped casually across his broad shoulders. He adds to the effortlessness by not bothering to button the top half of his shirt, rewarding us with a view of his manscaped cleavage.

11. The Self Spotlight

Wizcraft International / Via

There was a dark time in Govinda's career when no one really cared what he was doing (shocking!). Not one to be taken down, he took matters in his own hands. No one threw the spotlight on him so he carried his own! Lesson to learn: Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.


10. The Prince of Print

Puja Films / Via

Few of us can boast of knowing much about art, and even fewer of us can carry off wearing art. Not a problem for Govinda. Here he frames it with rich hues of purple and a matching pair of sunglasses that would put Kanye to shame.

9. The Inner Child In Us All

Shri Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd. / Via

An early adapter of 'Comfort above all else,' Govinda can be seen embracing the inner child the rest of us have been trying to stifle our whole life. And he makes it look absolutely adorable. Donning different hues of tangerine, Govinda is a flaming bright beacon of hope for the fashion of tomorrow.

8. An Old Blend

Padmini Tele Media / Via*joyeemukherjee*com%7Cwallpaper%7Cbollywood_actors%7Cgovinda%7Cgovinda-9*jpg/

"Don't blend in, stand out! Stand out!", shouts everybody. But not Govinda. He believes in blending into the background so much that it is sometimes difficult to spot his subtle genius. His wink is reserved only for those of us who got the private joke.

7. A Way With The Ladies

Sapna Arts / Via

They say "a well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men." If that is indeed true, Govinda's Dhoti Suit can only be compared to the likes of La Perla. He finishes the look with aviators and a topi, seamlessly blending the east with the west. We can all clearly witness the effect he is having on Karishma Kapoor.


6. In The Ways Of A Lady

Lata Films / Via

Shakespeare was known to make his male actors play female roles in his plays. David Dhawan follows a similar policy. Only a man unquestionably secure in his sexuality can make drag look so good. Being dressed in pink anarkali with lipstick to match makes Govinda that much more masculine.

5. Rock Of Old Ages


Age is but a number Govinda uses to track his success. He still believes he can rock a full leather outfit complete with pants. Who are we to refute his blinding confidence? He pairs it with a jacket laden with buckles that look more like medals on a decorated Sergeant. Aye aye, Captain!

4. A Patron of Pop Culture

Puja Films / Via

Everybody claims to love Ms. Pacman but no one commits to it quite like Govinda. There are the art prints again but made understated by pairing them with a yellow waistcoat. The Ms. Pacman motif tell us that he as deeply rooted in pop-culture as any old 90's arcade game.

3. Robed In Righteousness

Eros International / Via

His posture begs to be recreated into a painting (perhaps like certain French girls). His loosely tied robe give us a teasing glimpse of what lies beneath while keeping his modesty intact. The red stripes stand out from the nude like a STOP sign reminding us that we can't have it all.


2. Issey Kehte Hip Hop

Eros International / Via

Being as aware of pop culture as he is, Govinda made sure to leave his mark on fashion by setting many trends. This image, circa 2007, shows numerous trends popular in today's times. The sweat pants, the graphic t-shirt and the white 'keds' show what a visionary he is. Pairing this outfit with a Fedora is just inspired!

1. A Gift to Mankind

Tikkle / Via

No Govinda outfit flashback can be complete without this masterpiece. He isn't afraid to get down to it and fashion an outfit for himself using household items if the wardrobe budget is low. Being the gentleman he is, he made one for Juhi Chawla as well. We can't decide who looks better in the dress. Can you?

Editors Note: This list originally contained 15 items, one of which was removed after complaints from readers that it had caste-ist and classist implications. Such implications were entirely unintentional, and we apologize for the offense we caused.