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    20 Ways Danny Tanner Ruined Your Relationship With Your Dad

    He's a lean, mean, hugging machine.

    1. Danny always did his own (obsessive) ironing and cleaning instead of making his kids do it.

    2. Danny laughed at all jokes instead of replying with grunts like your dad.

    3. DT tolerated his kids' annoying friends instead of branding them a "bad influence" and telling you to stay away.

    4. He taught his kids comebacks for real-life situations instead of telling them to stop being sassy.

    5. Your life wasn't made a thousand times more interesting because your dad never had an evil twin.

    6. He wholeheartedly participated in his daughters' interests and hobbies instead of just showing up for the performances.

    7. His dad dance was more dad than any dad could ever manage.

    8. He tried to keep his eavesdropping and meddling on the DL instead of just busting in their room.

    9. Danny wouldn't freak out when they went to him with dating problems and gave some legit good advice too.

    10. HE HAD HIS OWN TV SHOW and your dad just had a boring job in a bank or something.

    11. "Dad, I'm bored" is something they never had to say in the Tanner household.

    12. He was content with his kids doing the best they could and didn't obsessively push them to overachieve.

    13. He obsessively documented all his kids' childhoods so they didn't just have to rely on stories that may have been made up.

    14. He had a choir to sing lullabies instead of just telling them to go the fuck to sleep.

    15. Danny would personally solve all his daughters' issues before they went to bed that day.

    16. Dan's zest for life is unmatched.

    17. Your dad doted on you but never as much as Danny Tanner.

    18. He always went above and beyond caring about the girls' schoolwork.

    19. He went above and beyond with everything really.

    20. But most importantly, he taught his kids to do anything they want to do, as long as they weren't hurting anybody.