12 Reasons Why Nintendo Shouldn’t Believe In Failure

These are some of its past reasons why, they shouldn’t believe in failure in failure.

1. They saved the video game crash with their first console,NES.

The NES was a huge hit and didn’t care about competing with Sega.

2. They had amazing graphics back then and today.

Just take a look at it!

3. The Gamecube was NOT a failure, just wasn’t the correct games to release at it.

The teens just wanted more Rated T and M games on the Gamecube.

4. The Wii U is starting to end up like the Gamecube, but they learned from that mistake, so success is still opened.

They learned this in 2005, so they can fix this again in 2014.

5. 64 was a good number.

The success was easy, just add a title to its name then 64 to the end of the title.

6. People laughed at the U in the Wii U, but not the S in the SNES.

The Wii U could be like the SNES,because of its name.

7. Celebrities like playing Ninendo.

It makes them proud.

8. They made famous mascots, which still leads good popularity.

That led to success to consoles.

9. They hired these guys.

A good game developer, two good presidents, and a great voice actor.

10. They created a lot of consoles.

The success to a new generation.

11. Because they care for you guys and us, fans.

We are the reason for this. They don’t believe in failure, because we believe in them and they believe in us. When something gets delayed or something unexpected, we know that it will be better in the future. Nintnedo > 124 Years of excellence.

12. They are taking the path of failure, which apple did in the ’90s.

The path of failure is the path to success very soon. The Gamecube to the Wii, the GBA to the DS.

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