What The Singers From Coca-Cola’s Controversial Super Bowl Commercial Think

This multilingual cover of “America the Beautiful” is now one of the Super Bowl’s most controversial commercials.

1. Coca-Cola released the multilingual commercial during Super Bowl XLVIII. In the ensuing controversy, some alleged that the ad was divisive. Here’s what the singers have to say.

2. English

“Hearing all the different languages, everyone has their own interpretation. Not everything fits the same way, but I think that’s what makes it so special. I think, like, everyone having a different way just kind of shows what it really is.”

3. Tagalog (Filipino)

“I think people will feel really good in themselves to know that America is there and to hear it in many other languages spoken. Especially if one of the languages is a language that you speak, then, it will really get deep inside of you.”

4. Hindi

“The message that we’re sending through this video is so beautiful, that we are all the same. We just have different backgrounds, and that’s ok. We’re all Americans, and we can come together to make change.”

5. Mandarin

“If you can’t speak someone else’s language, you can use music to communicate with others.”

6. Senegalese-French

“I think as long as you have the passion, the drive, as long as you have the will and the burning fire in you, in America, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.”

7. Spanish

“Out of many people, out of many cultures, that’s what makes it one country and one nation. We have the right to be ourselves—we can speak whatever we want; we can pray whatever we want to pray. And I just think that’s pretty amazing and that we’re lucky to have it.”

8. Hebrew

“Everybody, they want to come into America, to be free and make friends and just be happy.”

9. Arabic

“When I sing the song, I feel really happy. I feel joyful. I feel, y’know, every word that explains happy. America is one union but with a mix of cultures, and it doesn’t matter who you are, we should always be friendly to each other no matter what difference you have.”

10. Keres (Native American Pueblo People of New Mexico)

“This is really amazing. It’s just describing everything, and it’s just beautiful. America is beautiful.”

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