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    A Panel Of Business Leaders Shared How Workplaces Can Support Mental Health

    More than ping pong tables and free food.

    While we’ve seen more and more actors, singers, and athletes talk about their own mental health struggles over the last few years, mental health conditions arguably have the most impact in the workplace. I attended an event put on by Mind Share Partners with a panel of prominent business leaders talking about something I hadn't seen anywhere else—the future mental health in the workplace. Here are 6 takeaways from the conversation.

    More business leaders must be willing to share their own stories about mental health.

    We need to address mental health stigma.

    Companies must accept that people can’t compartmentalize their personal and professional lives.

    Create an “entry interview” when a new employee starts.

    Stop making stress and overwhelm synonymous with success.

    Employers have a responsibility to do something different.

    More conversations like this will help to make companies better and employees stronger and more compassionate. For deeper insights, you can watch the full panel interview below.

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