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What Do You Wish You Had Known Before You Went To College?

Congratulations, you got in! Now what?

You remember your glory days at college, right? You set up your dorm room, went to class, and prepared to let your genius shine.

But suddenly, you found yourself overwhelmed.

You were smart enough to get in, but maybe you hadn't mastered this whole "studying" thing yet.

You made lifelong friends, but no one explained the nuances of college hook-up culture to you.

Nobody gave you the heads up about communal showers.

All these new, stressful situations may have led to a mental breakdown.

And yet somehow you survived. But if someone had given you a few words of wisdom, you could have saved yourself a few awkward encounters or sleepless nights.

So tell us: what do you wish you had known before you went to college?

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