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    We Tried Peel-Off Lip And Eyebrow Tints And This Is What Happened

    We think this'll really apPEEL to you.

    Hey guys! We're Casey, Lara, and Nina, and we definitely enjoy makeup!

    Peel-off lip and eyebrow tints have become very ~trendy~ as of late, so we decided to try them out and see if they're worth the hype! We used Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Color and Etude House Tint My Brows Gel.

    Let's start with the Etude House brow tints. First, you paint this gel-like liquid on your bare brows.

    Then you let the product stain your brows by keeping it on for AT LEAST two hours. And unlike Lara, maybe try to stay inside your natural brow line.

    Then, carefully peel off the hardened gel. We found that it was easiest to peel off in the direction that the hair grows. Be careful not to take any hair out with you!

    If you don't clean or rub your eyebrow area within 24 hours, the tint can last up to three days! Bonus step: Dangle your gel peels near you for a fun photo op.

    Casey used the shade Light Brown.

    Casey's thoughts: The brow gel went on smoothly and kind of smelled nice? Also, I watched Lara put a hilarious amount of tint on her brows and knew instantly that was the wrong thing to I applied a normal amount and didn't end up looking like the Muppet Sam the Eagle. When I took it off I was extremely happy because 1) It didn't take off my eyebrows with it and 2) my brows were perfectly shaped. The only downside is that if you got up close to my face, you could clearly see that the tint shade was too light and too red for my hair. I'm pretty sure going with Lara's color would have given me a better result.

    Would you recommend this? Totally! I think it's pretty awkward that you have to wear it either for two hours or overnight (what about your pillows?!). But, overall, if you pick the right shade, I think this is an awesome way to get yourself some good brows.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Lara used the shade Grey Brown.

    Lara's thoughts: Applying the brow tint was actually really easy, but I made the mistake of trying to overdraw my brows. Which in hindsight WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DO THAT?? The hardest part of the eyebrow process was trying to make sure my brows were even on both sides. And they weren't, by the way. They weren't even. Had I stayed inside my brow line and used the tint correctly, they might've looked OK. But because I'm a moron and overdrew, I just looked like a clown. Nothing against clowns, though.

    Would you recommend this? I would recommend the brow tint if you are not me and do not go outside your brow.

    Rating: 2, because I'm mad at myself.

    Nina used the shade Brown.

    Nina's thoughts: OK, I have pretty thick, unruly brows. I typically get them threaded, but it's been a while. This gel is pretty easy to put on and gets bonus points for smelling like candy. My brows tend to thin out a little near my nose, and the gel sufficiently filled them in. But TWO-PLUS HOURS for that? Nah. I feel like I could use a pencil and get the same result. I don't think my Oscar the Grouch–like brows require this much effort to look decent.

    Would you recommend this? If you have a lot of time and thinner brows than me, sure. But if you're sportin' caterpillars, you can definitely skip it.

    Rating: 3/5

    OK, let's move on to the lip tint. First, you apply it over your clean lips like a lip gloss.

    You have to be super careful not to close your lips, or the gel will make them stick together. It may even pull some of the gel off of one lip, which is what happened with Casey.

    Also, DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR TEETH. You will look like a vampire, just like Nina. If you do end up getting it on your teeth, wipe it off right away so it doesn't stain.

    After you leave it on for a minimum of 15-20 minutes, the gel will harden. Then, you peel it right off!

    Casey used the Lovely Peach shade.

    Casey's thoughts: The consistency was so unbelievably sticky that it literally stuck to everything it came into contact with. When a bit of the gel on my upper lip touched the gel on my bottom lip, the top lip took off the whole bottom layer. It took a good eight minutes to get it to all stay in place. The process was hysterically awful, but the result was pretty good. I was left with a nice pop of pink on my lips.

    Would you recommend this? I really wouldn't. The hassle wasn't worth the result. Especially since the color faded after an hour or two. I don't know, I just feel like there's a better option out there.

    Rating: 1/5

    Lara tried the Sweet Orange shade.

    Lara's thoughts: The process was kind of awful. It got all over my teeth and lips and hands and jeans. The gel was SO sticky you couldn't move your mouth. And I have TMJ, so keeping my jaw open for extended periods of time gives me a horrible headache. I wanted this shit off my lips ASAP. Had I left it on longer, I think the tint would've looked better. But I was so anxious to get the sticky shit off my lips that I didn't give it a full chance. But the result still wasn't bad. It was a nice subtle tint that felt super dry and clean without being flaky.

    Would you recommend this? I would...if you can deal with the sticky substance at first. The end product is pretty great.

    Rating: 3.5/5

    Nina used the Cherry Red shade.

    Nina's thoughts: OK, I clearly had a lot of trouble keeping this stuff strictly on my lips. You have to have a really precise hand and ensure that you're getting an even amount all over. It was harder to put it on my top lip, which is why the bottom looks more pigmented. It's also a bit hard to get the gel bits off the inner part of your lips, which can make them look cracked or bleeding! Blech. But overall, I like the really subtle pigmentation. The tint itself takes much less maintenance than regular lipstick and is great for a more ~natural~ look.

    Would you recommend this? The application requires some mastery, but once you get the hang of it the result it's awesome, so it's worth a shot.

    Rating: 3/5

    Have you tried peel-off tints? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!