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    This Is What Happens When You Try To Re-Create Instagram Lip Art

    Read our lips: This is freakin' difficult.

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    So like most people, we're totally mesmerized by lip art. Sequins and glitter and drips, oh my!

    Four of us wanted to see if we, regular makeup plebeians, could achieve these artful and inspired looks ourselves. We each picked a tutorial and gave it a go. Here's how it went:

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via

    First, Kirsten tried to re-create this gorgeous galaxy lip art by Miss Jazmina.

    Miss Jazmina / BuzzFeed / Via

    Kirsten's thoughts: I have the lips of 14-year-old Kylie, pre-plumpers, so the canvas I was working with was pretty small. I basically went into the experience with the mentality of a fourth-grader: just try to color within the lines. I wouldn't say I nailed it by any means, but I actually got a couple of compliments on my galaxy lips, so that was fun. I think these tutorials are really fun to try, but tbh I can't imagine making this part of my daily makeup routine. The precision was really tough for me. I was using a black matte lipstick, which meant if I went even a little outside of my lip line, it was QUITE noticeable. It was also hard for me to keep pace with the tutorial. By the end of it, I was sweating, had lipstick on my teeth, and realized I really need to wax my upper lip more.

    Would you try an artsy lip tutorial again? I would totally do this for Halloween, but for a normal day at work? Probably not. It's fun to experiment with makeup, and I give people who can execute it well MAJOR props. Seriously, it is an art form.

    Next, Nina tried this incredible lost treasure lip art tutorial by Vlada Haggerty.

    Vlada Haggerty / BuzzFeed / Via

    Nina's thoughts: So, I actually don't wear lipstick too often because I'm not very good at it. I have a decent amount of lip real estate, but I always manage to fuck it up somehow. On the surface, this tutorial doesn't seem THAT hard. It's just black lipstick, shimmer, sequins, and a gold drip, right? WRONG. It takes so much skill to apply those tiny sequins. I was legitimately sweating while trying to put those on, and I think I swallowed a couple. I don't understand how she does it SO FAST. It took me like half an hour to stick about 20 on, and she must have hundreds! At the time, I was most proud of my gold drip, but seeing it next to Vlada's makes me realize how tragic it actually was. I'm just in awe of her skills.

    Would you try an artsy lip tutorial again? It's definitely fun to try, but I need about eight more hours to do it perfectly. But I'm also hesitant to subject myself to something like this again BECAUSE YOU CAN'T EAT. SO FUCK IT.

    Then came Nyla, who attempted to re-create this beautiful amethyst crystal geode lip tutorial by beyou.byjoh.

    Be You By Joh / BuzzFeed / Via

    Nyla's thoughts: My lip routine is either a solid lip color or Blistex. I'm a very simple person when it comes to makeup in general, so if it takes me more than five minutes I avoid it. I was not confident at all. I have watched some makeup artists do these detailed-ass lip art tutorials on YouTube and hope that one day I can be THAT talented but have also accepted the fact that it might not happen for me. I was SO SURPRISED at how well I did. I would also like to note that my design was the easiest one, LOL.

    Would you try an artsy lip art tutorial again? I think so, not to go out and do stuff, but if it's a ladies' night or I'm drunk and bored, I'd def try it again.

    Finally, Sheridan tried out this rainbow glitter lip tutorial by Miss Jazmina.

    Miss Jazmina / BuzzFeed / Via

    Sheridan's thoughts: I was pretty nervous about a tutorial because though I love doing my makeup, it's always a bit on the safe side. I haven't put glitter on my face since the early 2000s. Plus, I'm like the least crafty and least graceful person ever, so I was 100% sure I'd somehow hurt myself during the course of the tutorial. I don't want to get too big of an ego, but I think I did a decent job! You could actually tell it was a rainbow and not like a blob, so I felt really proud that I was able to do something "crafty" in my life. (Seriously, I cannot even paint a wall white. I would fuck it up somehow.) This tutorial was much easier than expected. I think it's because you didn't need to be "perfect" throughout it. You could draw the lines a little crooked; you could mess up the glitter a bit. Having that safety net of not trying to perfectly mimic something was very freeing.

    Would you try an artsy lip tutorial again? I'd definitely rock this trend for a pride parade, but it's bit excessive for everyday life. When you have eyelash glue on your lips, they shockingly get dry AF. Plus, the glitter gets everywhere, and I don't like anything that gets in the way of me chugging an entire bottle of wine on Friday nights.

    Even though we got lipstick on our teeth and were incapable of eating or kissing...


    ...we'd all try artsy lip tutorials again!


    They're hard, but also fun as hell!