26 Ways Pittsburgh Ruins You For Life

Yinz know it's amazing.

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2. Because every time you go downtown, you become distracted by the magical beauty of the architecture.

Zach Frailey / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zrfraileyphotography

Does your city have a mirror castle to the sky? Didn't think so.

5. Because you have to stop and admire this industrial beauty every time you try to get across the rivers.

Sometimes they even get super literal with the names, like Hot Metal Bridge. Because it's made of metal. And sometimes it gets hot.

10. And for some reason, not all establishments put fries and coleslaw IN the sandwiches like Primanti Bros.

catalatic / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: catalatic

You might need a forklift to pick it up, but it's totally worth it.

11. Because you realize some people actually have to drive out of state to get to their thrills.

Betty Tsang / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bettytsang

Kennywood has so much nostalgic charm! They even filmed Adventureland here.

12. Because you forget that Frank Lloyd Wright didn't just plop his designs near any city.

Via Tsuji / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: via

Fallingwater looks even cooler in winter when all the falling water turns into ice.

14. Because some places don't have things like the Duquesne Incline to help you traverse the hills.

PilotGirl / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pilotgirl

You can't be expected to actually use your feet to get to the top of the hill, right?

15. Because wildlife isn't as strangely majestic anywhere else.

Nothin' like a turkey in a cemetery to really make you contemplate the meaning of life.

20. Because you always have to clean up your drool after seeing the food at Eat'n Park.

Chain diner food should NOT be this mouthwatering!

21. Because hangovers are insufferable without hotcakes from Pamela's hotcakes.

The different locations have different themes. Will you be playing board games in Oakland or hanging at the disco in Squirrel Hill?

24. Because you get used to magnificent botanical gardens casually sitting in your backyard.

Cam Miller / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: catladycam

Phipps makes sure you can enjoy the beauty of nature in all seasons, even when everything outside is dead.

25. Because ONLY Pittsburgh knows how to make the remnants of its old lives beautiful again.

mikeyexists / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 63101308@N00

These ghosts of the past blend in well with the future at the Waterfront.